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It’s All In My Head is now streaming online!

The film is available to watch here:…/view_film/45545



Time to give you an update on how the film is going. David and I sat down and polished up the edit and now we can move forward with music, sound editing, color correction, and graphics/animation.

I am also working away at licensing music. We’re in the process of licensing a song from an awesome indie band. I’d love to tell you who, but I want to wait until everything is locked down. I’m also working with a composer to create original music for the film. My sound editor and I will be working on the sound edit in July. We’ve scheduled a time to record final voice over with Maia. More updates soon!

How Kickstarter Can Help You

I recently had an interview with Kimberly Palmer from the US News Report for her article about how to succeed on kickstarter if you are not a celebrity. The piece “How Kickstarter Can Help You” is available online at

Get personal. Filmmaker Alyssa Michek successfully raised more than $1,000 for her project, “It’s All in My Head,” which she describes as a “witty, short, dramatic film about a break-up told from the woman’s perspective.” She recommends sending a personal appeal “to people who already love and support you,” even though it can feel difficult to continually ask friends and family for support. But because people often forget or get distracted, she says it’s a good idea to remind people and ask them a second time.

Because unless you’re already famous, she says, most of your support will likely come from friends and family, not strangers.